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Japan imported toon fiber Spunlace Nonwoven


Brand Name: Superfiber/Superfiber Technology

Product Name: Japan imported toon fiber Spunlace Nonwoven

Introduction of product

1.Model: SF18008

2.Color: Natural Pink Jade

3.Breadth: 100-230cm (customizable)

4.Weight: 18-100g/ (customizable)

5.CV Value: ≤3%

6.Ingredient: 100% Toon(Camellia) Fiber from Japan ( can be mixed with any other fiber in any proportion)

7.Technology: Spunlaced,cross lapping,shape of texture can be customized

8.Purpose: facial mask, eye mask,cleansing cotton,etc.

Product Feature:

1.100% Toon(Camellia) Fiber from Japan, rich in multiple natural olein

2.Pure natural, zero addictive, mild and no irritaion.

3.Texture is light, soft, elastic, breathable and invisible.

4.The color is similar to human skin and shows as natural pink flesh color matches skins. 

5.Cross lapping and spunlaced craft presents excellence in water absorption, elasticity, breathability and outstanding quality in locking moisture.

6.Raw materials can be degraded naturally and environmental-friendly.

Product function:

1.It is rich in multiple natural olein,protect the skin stratum corneum and keep the moisture balanced and long.

2.It contains multiple vitamin and protein, can beautify and whiten your skin, remove your stains, moisten and protect your skin.

3.It can lock the moisture and soften and repair the dry skin.

4.It contains protocatechuic acid and has the effect of antibiotics, anti-inflammation, antioxidation,delaying the skin aging and reducing skin allergy.

5.It can perfectly attach onto skin and moisturize every inch of your skin, it is a softer and more comfortable moisturizing mask substrate.

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